The amateur astronomer from Hajdú-Bihar county photographed a galaxy more than 2 million light-years away

Another wonderful astrophoto was taken in Hajdú-Bihar: Zoltán Buczi, member of the Hajdúság regional club of the Vega Astronomical Association, September 14-16. between 16 hours of exposure time, he collected the photons for his photograph of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Debrecen would be more livable with more expensive parking and fairer access to housing. Interview with Mihály Dombi, activist of the Szikra Movement in Debrecen

In Debrecen, needy families find it more difficult to find housing than those who could solve it on their own or with a little help under market conditions. How could this problem be fixed? And what about the much-maligned (mass) transport? The Szikra Movement calls for radical changes, we learned from Mihály Dombi, a member […]