Gold-Mom Award for the Gynecologist


Dr. Tünde Bartha, gynecologist has a chance of winning the award.

The Gold-Mum Award was founded by Richter Gedeon  Ltd. and by Zsuzsa Rácz, author of the Terézanyu (Mother Theresa) books. The aim of this unique initiative is to promote women’s social esteem and increase their self-esteem as well. The award can be given to women working in traditional female occupations, but receiving minimal material and moral recognition.

Amongst the 12 finalists is the obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Tünde Bartha, from Debrecen.  Votes can be submitted until the 17th November, on The winner, who receives the most votes, is awarded with a Gold-Mom statuette and 200.000 Ft.



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