The Kodály Philharmonic in Debrecen is preparing for an exciting season


The Kodály Philharmonic in Debrecen is preparing for a colorful, rich season and facing dense, exciting years: the Kodály Choir will celebrate its anniversary this year, and in two years the orchestra will be one hundred years old – said Dániel Somogyi-Tóth, director of the Philharmonic on Tuesday in Debrecen.

According to their announcement, long-term plans include the construction of a new concert hall. The Kodály Philharmonic and the Philharmonic Hungary have been working in close partnership for years, another result of which is the newly launched Philharmonic Harmony season ticket, which further enriches the rich cultural life of Debrecen with guest performances by renowned Hungarian classical music ensembles and soloists.
Szabolcs Szamosi, the managing director of the Philharmonic Hungary, was pleased that their cooperation was taking to a new level in Debrecen.

The four guest concerts will also enrich the Kodály Philharmonic season, the expert was quoted as saying.
The Philharmonic Harmony season ticket will be opened on November 2 by a concert by the early ensembles of early music, Capella Savaria and the Purcell Choir, conducted by György Vashegyi. The program will feature the work of Händel, the popular composer of the Baroque era, Theodora, with the title role of singer Emőke Baráth. At the second concert of the season, on December 21, the audience can greet the Savaria Baroque Orchestra, founded by flutist and conductor Pál Németh, on the podium of the Kölcsey Center.

The first New Year’s concert of the Philharmonic Harmony season ticket will take place on February 14, where you can enjoy the program of Concerto Budapest, one of Hungary’s leading big bands, with a historical past and the dynamism of young musicians. Finally, the 2021/22 season concludes with a concert by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, where audiences can hear pieces by Prokofiev and Rimsky-Korsakov. In addition to the long-established ensemble, also known internationally, German violinist Arabella Steinbacher will take the podium, and the conductor of the evening will be Dmitry Liss of Russian descent.

Zoltán Kocsis-Holper, the leading conductor of the Kodály Choir in Debrecen, indicated: in 2021, the Kodály Choir will celebrate its 50th anniversary. In November, the Light Images promises a special acoustic and visual experience. In February, during the carnival period, the melody material of the concert I came from America may be familiar to many, as it also draws from the common musical language of today, “American music”, ie the music of movies and commercials. In March The Power of Faith is a serious Lenten program with the narrator of conductor János Arany. In May, Bob Chilcott, a former singer, conductor and composer of King’s singers, arrives in Debrecen, conducting the Kodály Choir and introducing the audience to choral music based on English traditions. Péter Erdei, a well-known conductor legend in Debrecen, conducts the last show of the season, on which a rarely performed work by Kodály, Zrínyi, is also sung, they wrote.

On August 24, the Budapest Festival Orchestra will arrive in the city and give a concert conducted by Iván Fischer.

Photo: István Derencsényi

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