Special programs are waiting for those interested at the autumn festival in Debrecen


Debrecen’s cultural institutions are waiting for visitors with special programs, exhibitions, book presentations and theatrical performances at this year’s autumn festival – was signaled by the organizers on an unusual press walk on Wednesday.

At the first stop of the “walking press conference” at the Modem Center for Modern and Contemporary Art, László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, said that between October 3 and January 30, the exhibition of the year will be on display in Modem. The “Paris Abstracts. Abstraction-Création. Kandinsky, Helion, Calder, Moholy-Nagy. ” The unique international exhibition entitled Abstraction-Création, the largest international official non-figurative grouping ever seen, and the world of Paris in the 1930s.

The exhibition features paintings and sculptures by world-famous artists such as Vasily Kandinsky, Jean Hélion, Alexander Calder, Auguste Herbin, Frantisek Kupka or Jean Arp, but several Hungarian artists – László Moholy-Nagy, Alfred Reth, Lajos Tihanyi and Ferenc Martyn – his works are also exhibited.

The press walk led from Modem to the downtown Csapó Street pedestrian zone, where preparations for the opening of the festive book week on Wednesday afternoon and the furnishing of the book pavilions were in full swing. This year’s book week will be opened by László Garaczi, at the five-day event several book presentations, questionnaires, writer-reader meetings will be held, Béla Markó, László Csabai, Ágnes Gurubi and András Dániel will dedicate their works to László Garaczi.

The first cultural press tour in Debrecen ended at the Csokonai Literary Laboratory, where the leaders of seven local cultural institutions described in detail what programs await those interested at the autumn festival.

István Puskás, Deputy Mayor of Culture of Debrecen, praised the collaboration, as a result of which the city’s institutions now organize cultural events not side by side, but in harmony with each other.

Péter Gemza, the director of the Csokonai National Theater, spoke at the briefing about the traditional autumn event of the institution, the MagdaFest organized around female creators and women’s works. October 1-5 this year. The festival, which begins with the premiere of Sardar Tagirovsky’s “Fallen Woman”, The Lady of the Camellia, takes place in the Csokonai Literary Laboratory.



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