Such a monastery may have stood on the site of today’s Ady Endre Secondary School


Half a thousand years ago, a Franciscan monastery like this could have been the site of today’s Ady Endre Secondary School. We already knew that there was a monastery in this area of the city, but a more accurate positioning was only possible due to the current archaeological conditions.

The staff of the Déri Museum found the remains of a former, presumably monastic cemetery behind the former ÁNTSZ headquarters. From this, it is inferred that the residence and church of the Franciscans may have been to the east of Ady Endre Secondary School.

During the construction in the area (Csapón and Sas streets) in the twentieth century, a lot of human remains were found (they were not so carefully handled, saved, we do not know what their fate was), which also outlines the extent of the former cemetery.

However, during the construction of the house at 4 Liszt Ferenc Street, the remains of a significant medieval building were discovered in the 1950s (unfortunately, this was not thoroughly excavated or saved).

The proximity of the landlord’s residence and the church monastery he founded is a very real hypothesis. (We know the owners buried in the Franciscan church, not only Dósa but also the widow of Bálint Török two hundred years later.) Thus, the power-administrative center of the pre-Reformation city seems to be emerging along Csapó Street.

Remains of a late medieval-early modern well were also found in the study area, including fragments of pottery made in Vienna. In fact! even a 6,000-year-old clay pit with researchers found ceramic fragments from the age.

Photo: János Miskolczi

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