Debrecen Street Music Days Start Today


A craft fair and a street party await culture lovers at the Debrecen Street Music Days between July 28th-30th.


Visitors to downtown Debrecen can end July with sparkling cultural programs. On the last days of the month, music will once again fill the spaces during the Debrecen Street Music Days. From Thursday to Saturday, there will be live music in Hal köz, at the Borterasz and in the Gambrinus köz from 6 to 9 p.m., and then from 9 to 10 p.m. there will be a concert in the courtyard of the Ifjúsági Ház.

On Saturday, CSAK Design and the Cívis Tradition Preservation Folk Art Fair organized by the Folk Art Association will also welcome those interested. On Sunday, a street party says goodbye to July in Hal köz.

Last year they already tried several formats, this year several of them are returning, for example the street music festival. This year, they are trying to “expand” the city center a little and cross the “border” drawn by Széchenyi and Kossuth streets. – We are trying to achieve this by making Gambrinus Kreatív Köz the location of the Átjáró crafts fair – said István Puskás, deputy mayor of Debrecen.

You can find information about the Debrecen Street Music Days program on the website of DEMKI.


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