Film from Debrecen on Netflix


During the pandemic, a film from Debrecen was made with zero forint support. Tibor Dombi, the icon of the DVSC, Betti Gábor, the former singer of Desperado, and Bruti, the humorist from Debrecen, also played a role in the work Pecakúra.

The latter announced on his Facebook page that Pecakúra is now available on Netflix.

What is the movie Pecakúra about?

After a failed therapy, István Pásztor decides to take revenge on the doctor who recommended the therapy. He is convinced that the medical therapist Dr. Ernő Novák is responsible for all the injuries he suffered during the therapy. After carefully developing his evil little plan, he sets out on his mission. But something goes wrong with his plan when he meets Lajos Musáj, an annoyingly inquisitive parking attendant. Since he cannot shake off the curious guard, he gives in to the pressure and tells what happened to him. After his story comes to an end, the guard decides to help get revenge. Since Pásztor’s plan is riddled with errors, the guard suggests a new plan. Of course, planning and executing are two different things. Especially since it turns out that they are not the only ones who want to take revenge on the doctor. And, of course, the security guard’s ex-brother-in-law was also there. They have to deal with him somehow.

Main actors: István Szoboszlai, Imre Tóth “Bruti”
Other actors: János Tóth, Zoltán Bujdosó, Miklós Szoboszlai, Betti Gábor, Tibor Dombi, Zsolt Uray, Bálint Derzsi “Vezér”, Sándor Fige
Cinematographer: Tibor Dusa
Technical Assistant: Sándor Fige
Written by: Ágnes Csirmaz, Tibor Dusa
Directed by: Tibor Dusa


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