Two Marketing Diamond awards were won by Csokonai Theater


The Hungarian Marketing Association recognized the Csokonai Theater again with marketing diamond awards, the institution informed. The video clip, “This is how we move”, was awarded the most important organization of the Hungarian marketing industry, which was opened in August last year, and the moving of the company’s new building.

The marketing Diamond Awards aims to contribute to the spread of sophisticated, professionally good practices by recognizing and promoting successful, effective marketing solutions and helping smaller marketing players in the quality of marketing. The Csokonai Forum was recognized for the strategic plan of brand construction, the related artistic events (night at the Csokonai Forum, pop-up concerts, exhibitions, theater tours, etc.), and their high-quality communication.

The video clip “This is how we move” was born from the idea of two members of the company, Kíra Nagy and Zsófia Wessely, the technical work was done by the video of the video patio led by Csaba Jóvér, the choreographer was Gábor Katona. The video clip, which made the Csokonai Theater troupe a joyful arrival at the new playground, was recognized by the profession in the category of low-budget integrated campaigns. Zsófia Wessely welcomed the award with great pleasure because, as she said, a highlighted forum was emphasized by the theater’s community character.

“We thought it was important for this short film to be done because we were looking forward to moving into our new theater and wanted to show that the theater is not only about actors, but also about the big team in the background. To make it visible, how many we are, and no one exists without the other. Our idea was successful because we received a lot of feedback on the fact that those who do not see the theater’s structural work were surprised to be the creation of a production, and how many people were to work. ”

Péter Gemza, director of the Csokonai Theater, said after the award ceremony: “It was an honor to be one of the most outstanding representatives of the profession and to prove again how much a good idea and a good team can achieve. Marketing Diamond awards confirm that the theater’s marketing-communication activities are on the right track and that non-traditional stone theater events and activities strengthen the position of Csokonai. ”

The Marketing Diamond competition was founded by the Hungarian Marketing Association in 2016. A jury of recognized representatives of the marketing industry recognizes the professionalism, and efficiency of marketing work with marketing diamonds, awarding a professionally excellent marketing trademark, according to the Csokonai Theater’s announcement.

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