The Vojtina Puppet Theater in Debrecen is preparing to present productions born during the coronavirus epidemic


The Vojtina Puppet Theater in Debrecen will stage two yet-to-be-presented productions created during the coronavirus epidemic next season, the director of the theater told after Monday’s end-of-season company meeting.

Anikó Asbóth added: the shows presented with the intention of “broadening the age group”, the educational theater programs Családkollázs and Kiserdő, as well as Babusgato for the little ones, will also be shown in the next season.

The season that just ended was extremely busy: 546 performances were held for more than 42 thousand spectators. In addition to the theater shows, those interested could see 57 performances in Debrecen, the director pointed out.

Anikó Asbóth called the big challenge of the season that, from an energy-saving point of view, their theater building had to be closed for the winter months, and a temporary playground was created in the former cultural center on Kossuth Street.

Since then, they have received the playground permanently from the municipality, so from the next season there will be regular performances in three locations, in addition to their 220-person theater and the 50-person chamber theater, in the Podium room, which can accommodate 100-120 people, he added.

Anikó Asbóth pointed out that the new location is suitable for hosting the interactive puppet theater of László Vitéz, where, in addition to presenting the Korngut-Kemény heritage, they want to create a center for researching Central European fair puppetry.

In addition, stunt players, amateur puppeteers, and children’s groups playing in Hajdú-Bihar will also be able to present themselves regularly at the new venue – Anikó Asbóth added.

At the end of the season, István Puskás (Fidesz-KDNP), deputy mayor of Debrecen for culture, called the Vojtina Puppet Theater a stable point in the city’s cultural life.

He thanked the troupe for helping families and school communities with their entertaining and educational work.


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