The works of Baroque masters will also be heard on the night of the organs in the Reformed Small Church in Debrecen


Rare baroque chamber works written for organ and violin will also be heard in the Our Lady’s Chapel of Pannonhalm Abbey on August 5, the night of the organs. Churches and cultural centers are also preparing for the event in many other locations in the country.

The audience can experience the sound of the organ built by Ferenc Elgasz in the 1820s at the joint concert of organist Zsolt Kiss, the organist of the St. Martin’s Basilica in Pannonhalm, and violinist Éva Osztrosits. The 200-year-old instrument was restored to its original state in the spring, so it offers the same baroque sound experience as it did two centuries ago, the organizers said in a statement. In the evening, the works of five Baroque composers will be performed.

In Kecskemét, those interested can take part in four organ concerts as part of a walk through four churches on August 5. The event was designed by the Hungarian Philharmonic in such a way that all four concerts could be heard one after the other.

There will be an organ concert in Aggtelk, in the Baradla cave, in Miskolctapolca, on the promenade in front of the cave bath, in the large playground of the Városliget in Budapest, children can build an organ, and the organs of the churches in downtown Budapest can not only be heard but also played.

In addition to all of this, interested parties are also welcome in Budapest’s Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Nyíregyháza, the Co-Cathedral of Our Lady of Magyars, the Reformed Little Church in Debrecen, the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter and the Kodály Center in Pécs, but programs and concerts are also being prepared at the Krúdy promenade boat station in Siófok, the Mohács Evangelical Church In the church and also in Szent Gellért Church in Szeged.

Detailed programs and all locations can be found on the Hungarian Philharmonic’s website.


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