The Day of German Unity will arrive in Debrecen from October 2


Under the auspices of ALL-IN Debrecen October 2-6, 2023. between concerts, theater performances, and movies, as well as a festive meeting and podium discussions organized on the occasion of the Day of German Unity.

October 2. 14:00 – Kölcsey Center, András Hall in Görömbei

Together in Europe (festive meeting on the occasion of the Day of German Unity)

The October 2023 Day of German Unity will be opened by Dr. László Papp, mayor of Debrecen, with his welcome speech. After that, Maren Schoening, CEO of DialogUngarn, will give a presentation entitled “Clues leading to German and European unity”. Later, those interested can take part in the panel discussions entitled “Past and Future” and the Éva Fahidi Dialogue Program. The program can only be visited after online registration.

German films in the Apollo cinema

October 3, 6:00 p.m

Screening of the film – Searching for Winnetou – in German with Hungarian subtitles.

October. 6. 19:00

Saving Private Böll – Documentary by Olga Szederkényi

After the screening of the film, an audience meeting with the poet János Áfra, the film’s protagonist, and Olga Szederkényi, the film’s screenwriter-director. Moderator of the conversation: writer and journalist Miklós Szenási.

Nobel Prize-winning writer Heinrich Böll (1917‒1985) was seriously wounded as a corporal in the German army in the summer of 1944 and spent weeks convalescing in Debrecen and Szentes. The military hospital in Debrecen was probably set up in the Dóczy and Svetits high schools. In his wife’s letters written from here, he gives a detailed account of his experiences, which also appear in his early novels.

October 4-7.

German themed walks

As part of the Day of German Unity, those interested can discover Debrecen’s German cultural connections on themed walks. Wandering through the well-known streets and squares of the city center, the participants of the walk can find out where Német utca used to be, which of our famous writers’ ancestors were German merchants, in which German cities the students of the Reformed College peregrines once studied, but they can also get answers to who he was and what the dog did it. And if it’s German culture, of course, there will be talk of cars and, within gastronomy, beer, sausages and pretzels.

On the walk October 4-6. between school groups can participate after prior registration, while the program for the general public starts on October 7 – Saturday – at 3 p.m. in front of the Református Little Church. The walk is led by tour guide Nóra Erdei. Participation in the walk is free, but the walk on October 7 requires registration. You can register at

October 5. 14:00 – Kölcsey Center, Great Hall

Friedrich Dürrenmatt: Play Strindberg (performance in German)

“Play Strindberg” is an adaptation of August Strindberg’s drama “Totentanz”, which was first presented in Basel in 1969, where it was an immediate success.

At the center of the story are Alice and Edgar, a couple who have been married for 25 years, and between whom there is almost nothing left of the relationship, only love imbued with hatred. The grievances of the past and the mutual scapegoating of the present determine their relationship. However, everything changes when Kurt, Alice’s cousin, shows up. Finally, someone who comes to visit and maybe shake up their lives.

Performed by the Budapester Ensemble with the quoted phrase, “Every marriage breeds murderous thoughts”, Dürrenmatt’s comedy abounds with bitterly evil and ridiculous elements. The play also features knife-throwing and insulting words that hurt sharply and hit the hardest spots. The end result is a grotesque and thought-provoking show that shows the dark side of marriage and human relationships.

October 6 – Kölcsey Center

Jazz evening – Free improvisations

On the closing night of the Day of German Unity, a jazz formation awaits the audience, which brings together two great figures of European jazz and free music, as well as a young talent, to create a unique musical experience together.

The name of Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano) is almost synonymous with the world of free jazz and avant-garde music. Free improvisation and contemporary classical music elements are harmoniously combined in his music. During his long career, Schlippenbach founded several bands and worked with great musicians such as Evan Parker and Paul Lovens.

Péter Ajtai (double bass) is one of the prominent figures of the young jazz generation, who creates music with a unique sound that breaks with conventions. As a defining personality of the Hungarian avant-garde music scene, he collaborates with renowned musicians such as Hamid Drake and Alexander von Schlippenbach.
Drummer and composer Attila Gyárfás brings his passion for free improvisation and the search for unique sounds to the stage. He is also active as a band leader and solo performer, appearing on many outstanding records.

More details are available on the Facebook page of ALL-IN Debrecen and on the website of the Debrecen German Cultural Forum.

On the Facebook page of ALL-IN Debrecen, those interested can find out about cultural and leisure events that serve to get to know each other’s culture, regardless of Hungarian language skills. Colorful cultural days are organized several times a year under the banner of ALL-IN Debrecen, where communities with other native languages and cultures living in the city can get an opportunity to introduce themselves. The purpose of the series of events is to create a homely, diverse cultural community, to learn about each other and from each other, and to build bridges with the tools of culture.

German Cultural Days in Debrecen

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