Creation and Procreation – A New Exhibition to Open in Debrecen


Ágnes Czibere’s (Czibere Art) exhibition opening as a free program opportunity with the title Creation and Proreation.

Date: 15th October 2023 11:00 a.m

Venue: Small Temple-Ispotályi Egházközség Yülekezeti Terme (“Csonka Church Assembly Hall”)

The painter from Debrecen comes with a variety of images, and the exhibition reveals the path she took until she arrived at her current works, which combine traditional painting and pouring techniques, mainly capturing natural images and flowers.

“In my art, I strive to transform the vibrations of my inner world in some tangible form with the help of colors. I am complete when I can create and I believe that it is my calling to share this feeling with as many people as possible. To this end, I created an experience painting studio called Énidő Experience Workshop, where both children and adults could experience the wonder of creation. My goal is to bring beauty and art closer to people, so I create not only on canvas, but also on bags, wallets, and other materials, so that “abstract” art may be a little closer to us” – she says.

“In my painting, what excites me is what we call art today, where the boundary is between artist and hobbyist, what makes a good picture, what is the purpose of the work”


– she adds.

“I don’t give an answer to anything, asking questions makes me alive. I like to experiment with associations, with symbols, the duality of chance and awareness appears in my new pictures by combining fluid art with acrylic or oil paint.”

Visiting the event is free.

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