210 New Jobs at National Instruments, Debrecen


National Instruments (NI) is building its new factory in Debrecen. The new production hall is going to provide 210 new jobs.

The investment costs 5.5 billion HuF, and the Hungarian government supports it by 2.5 billion. The new “D” building is almost ready, and it is going to provide 210 new jobs to local people.


NI was one of the first international companies that decided to open an office and a production hall in Debrecen back in 2001. The company announced its new 5.5 billion HuF investment in 2016, and the new building is going to be ready before the end of 2019.

“D” building is going to be used by 250 employees of the company (IT workers, engineers, HR and office workers with a high knowledge of English and at least one other foreign language).

Source: www.debreceninap.hu

Photos: MTI – Zsolt Czeglédi


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