LMP Pledges Annual HuF 300 BN for Home Insulation Support


LMP will earmark an annual 300 billion forints (EUR 816m) to insulate residential buildings if it comes to power, the co-leader of the opposition party said at a press conference streamed on Facebook on Saturday.


Máté Kanász-Nagy said the measure would support the renovation of 150,000 homes a year. It would also create tens of thousands of jobs and serve to achieve economic, climate protection and health goals, he added. Hungary is “in last place” in terms of insulating residential buildings, which is “an especially big problem in the time of runaway energy prices”, he said. Kanász-Nagy said comprehensive renovations of residential buildings could save 80-90% on energy costs, “ensuring reduced utilities fees for Hungarian families in the long term”, while cutting pollution. Heating with wood is a major source of air pollution in Hungary, he said, adding that about 15,000 people die each year in the country as a result of air pollution.




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