State Support Accounts for Close to Half of Non-Profit Revenue


State support accounted for close to half of non-profits’ revenue in 2020, data compiled by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) show.


State support made up 48% of non-profits’ combined revenue of 2,576 billion forints during the year. Non-profits’ revenue from core activities and other business activities accounted for 40% of the total. Private sector support accounted for just 12% of non-profits’ revenue. Non-profits in the cultural sector accounted for 16% of all non-profits’ revenue, while municipal development non-profits made up 14% of the total. Economic development non-profits accounted for 13% of the total, non-profits in sport for 12%, social services non-profits 10% and environmental protection non-profits 9%. Non-profits’ revenue rose 7% in 2020. They employed 156,200 people during the year, including 106,200 full-timers, while they also had around 311,000 people registered as volunteers.


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