There is a gas station in Eastern Hungary where a car can only refuel 10 liters


Due to the extension of the fuel price stop, some gas stations are already limiting the amount that can be refueled, and there is also a filling station where only six cars a day are refueled.

Three gas stations have already been closed due to official government pricing

In Eastern Hungary, for example, there is already a well where a car can refuel up to 10 liters, RTL Klub Híradó reported. The operator did not want to make a statement for fear of official retaliation, but according to the inscriptions, he justified the purchase limit by saying that he was already falling more than 8 forints for every liter sold.

Another owner, on the other hand, talked, albeit anonymously, about the fact that one of his two gas stations could fail one due to a price stop because he could not repay his loans.

At the door of a third gas station, it is written that the government says it will pay the price of the price stop to traders. They sell up to 250 liters of fuel. Daily, total. That is, only 6 cars a day are refueled.

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