It is no longer possible to refuel at around 100 gas stations in Hungary due to fuel shortages

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Across the country, there are around 100 gas stations where it is not possible to refuel at all due to the lack of fuel. There is a well where half of the amount intended for August has already been used up. The largest operating companies have introduced restrictions. According to the expert speaking to ATV Híradó, the extent of the restrictions differs significantly because there is no uniform regulation.

The last time the operators of one of the gas stations in Balassagyarmat received fuel was on Friday evening, which, according to their claim, ran out within seconds, so they did not even open on Monday. András Tóth, the managing director of Xhénia Kft., said: this is a big problem now because half of the amount intended for this month has already been used up, and there is only an eighth. “We don’t know if we order fuel again now if we will get it, and if we do, how much we will get,” he added.

A maximum of 50 liters can be filled at the OMV. On the other hand, you can buy fuel at Shell wells for HUF 80,000. According to energy market expert József Balogh, companies decide within their own authority how many liters of fuel or up to what amount can be filled in our car. The energy market expert added: that the interesting question is whether consumers can challenge these restrictions at consumer protection or in court, although he is not yet aware of such.

Eszter Bujdos, the managing director of, estimates the number of wells that are not operating because they do not receive fuel to be around a hundred. According to their forecast, fuel prices will decrease from Wednesday. The market price of gasoline will be HUF 672 per liter, and diesel will be HUF 723 per liter.

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