Egg Farmers to Raise Prices From September

Economy Gastro

Hungarian egg farmers will raise their producer prices by net ten forints per egg from September because of higher input costs, the Egg Association said.


Egg farmers face higher feed prices because of the drought as well as dearer energy prices, the association said. Although there is no shortage of eggs, supply is “on the brink”, association chairman Zoltán Sütő said. The forint-euro exchange rate makes the appearance of cheap imported eggs unlikely, he added. The consumer price of a carton of ten eggs was up 17.8% in July from the start of 2018, the association noted. During that same period, the price of milk climbed 51.9% and the price of bread jumped 144.8%, it added. The price of a carton of ten eggs averaged 641 forints (EUR 1,57) in July, data compiled by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) show.


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