Gulyás: Fuel Price Cap to End


It was announced late on Tuesday that the era of HUF 480 fuel will come to an end as a result of the regulation that came into effect at the time of the government info: according to Mol’s guide prices, 95 gasoline will now cost HUF 641, and diesel will cost HUF 699.

According to Gulyás’ report, Mol informed the government that it could no longer ensure the country’s fuel supply without imports. (At the same time as the announcement, the decree on ending the gasoline price cap was published in the Magyar Közlöny.) The minister later said: “the country’s strategic reserves are sufficient for several months.”

Zsolt Hernádi, the president and CEO of Mol, spoke about the chaos in the supply. Several wells were completely drained. Hernádi added that “the last time we saw such queues at gas stations was in the seventies and eighties”.

The Mol leader talked about the fact that most of the gasoline missing from production was brought from Slovakia in recent weeks. The only solution to fuel shortages and logistical problems is imports. “Imports must be restored,” he added, but noted that this would not happen overnight. He added: “We need to act today in order to have a stable fuel market at the beginning of next year.”  In response to a question, he also said that 95 gasoline will cost HUF 641 and diesel HUF 699 at the Mol wells.

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