Fuel prices continue to decrease


This week, on Wednesday, the wholesale price of gasoline and diesel will drop significantly. In the case of gasoline, the reduction will be HUF 15 gross, while wells will have to pay HUF 10 gross less for diesel, Holtankoljak.hu learned.

In its announcement, the trade portal says that the price of domestic fuels has been falling continuously for the past 3 weeks, since April 19, gasoline has cost almost HUF 60 less, while the price of diesel oil has decreased by HUF 50 gross.

Considering the current average retail prices, we can expect the following prices at the wells in the middle of the week:

95 gasoline now (on 08.05.2023): HUF 570/liter, expected from Wednesday: HUF 555/liter,

diesel now (on 08.05.2023): 553 HUF/liter, expected from Wednesday: 543 HUF/liter

– the portal calculated.

Fuel Prices to Drop on Friday



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