The average sublet price is 170,000 forints in Debrecen


In the capital, the average monthly sublet rents exceed HUF 200,000, including utility bills and the security deposit, which now corresponds to 2-3 months’ rent – the real estate market experts interviewed by MTI said about the main sublet market season, which starts with the announcement of the admission point limits.

Based on its own data, Duna House (DH) indicated that the average monthly rent in the capital this July may already exceed HUF 225,000.

A studio apartment can be rented for HUF 150-170 thousand, a two-bedroom apartment for 250-350 thousand, and a three-bedroom apartment for an average rent of HUF 350-500 thousand per month in frequented areas of the capital.

In general, the owners ask for a two-month deposit upon moving in, however, if the tenant wants to move in with a pet, it is worth calculating with a 3-month deposit.

Among the rural university towns, prices in Debrecen can be as high as HUF 200,000. Average rents in Szeged and Sopron were HUF 150,000, in Pécs HUF 130,000, and in Miskolc HUF 110,000.

It was emphasized that when looking for a sublet, it is also important to know what energetic parameters the property has and, accordingly, how much its monthly energy consumption is. It is also worth making sure that the apartment is unencumbered, as previously accumulated utility arrears may result in the service being disconnected.

In order to avoid later misunderstandings, DH recommends a written lease agreement for both tenants and landlords. It is safest if the parties sign this in front of a notary public, so it is considered a public document and both parties can enforce its contents more easily.

According to data from, the average monthly rent in Budapest was HUF 240,000 at the end of July. The districts with the largest selection, including the III., VIII., XI. and XIII. district was characterized by an average rent of HUF 220,000-250,000. The most expensive districts include I., II. and the V. district with HUF 300-368 thousand.

Among the largest university cities, the average for the current offer is HUF 185,000 in Győr, more than 172,000 in Veszprém, and 170,000 in Debrecen. Pécs and Szeged and Miskolc are somewhat cheaper cities, where the average rent is HUF 140,000 and HUF 135,000, respectively.

They pointed out that the owners are now asking for a deposit equal to 2 months’ rent and 1 month’s rent in advance, which in large university cities can mean a lump sum payment of more than HUF 500,000 for tenants. That’s why it’s worth being careful when looking for an apartment to rent.

Otthon Centrum (OC) announced that the monthly rent for brick apartments in Budapest is HUF 236,000 based on contracts concluded in the first six months of the year, while it is HUF 165,000 in the largest rural cities.

In the capital, the IX. 230 thousand in the district, the XI. 240,000 in the district, while VIII. students can find properties for rent in the district for HUF 200,000. Anyone who lives in the II. in the district (341 thousand forints), the VI. district (317,000 HUF) or District V (305,000 HUF) during your university years.

They said that tenants have to pay a deposit equal to 2-3 months’ rent.

Among other things, the OC advises those looking for a sublet to check where the selected apartment is located in the given city, how far it is from the university and what utility bills can be expected.

Based on’s own data, around the universities in the capital, the XI., III. in the district, in Zugló and in the city center, it is rare to find smaller apartments under HUF 200,000. Based on their experience, tenants have to expect a 2-month deposit, but 3-month deposits are also possible, especially in special cases (e.g. pets).

Among the key points of the sublease contract, they mentioned, among other things, the sublease fee, payment deadline, payment method, the duration of the lease contract, the amount of the deposit, the rights and obligations of the subtenant and the main tenant, as well as the conditions for terminating the lease contract.

Apartment and sublet prices are constantly rising in Debrecen

This year, the monthly rent of brick apartments increased by 10 percent in Budapest and by 38 percent in the countryside

More than 13 years’ salary must be paid to buy an apartment in Debrecen

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