Vodafone’s services are going up by 15.4 percent


After Magyar Telekom, Vodafone also announced that from March 1st, it will apply an annual price adjustment based on inflation, the extent of which is already known: its services will become more expensive by 15.4 percent.

We should be happy because this value could be higher.

“Vodafone Hungary’s inflation-tracking price adjustment based on the consumer price index, which will automatically come into effect in 2024, would be set at 22.01 percent. Due to the favorable economic changes that have occurred in recent months, the decrease in the inflation rate, and to reduce the financial burden of customers, we provide a discount on the amount of the fee adjustment.

Thus, instead of 22.01 percent, we will apply a fee increase of 15.4 percent from March 1, 2024, for the monthly subscription fees of residential and business customers using our public tariffs”

– reads the Vodafone announcement, which RTL broadcasted.

A few days ago, Magyar Telekom announced that starting March 1, it will apply an annual price adjustment based on inflation and raise monthly subscription fees by 15 percent for customer contracts.

Magyar Telekom Raises Prices

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