More and more bank card data and money are being swindled without the bank compensating for the damage

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The amount of money defrauded from Hungarians by cybercriminals in one year reached HUF ten billion. There was a year when, in five out of six cases, the customer’s mistake was so clear that the bank did not return the money.

Last year, cybercriminals defrauded Hungarian victims of HUF ten billion, according to ESET data and estimates, and this amount is increasing every year.

According to the company’s announcement, criminals sent SMSes asking for bank details last year mainly because of non-existent packages or police data reconciliation, or they wanted to buy things sold on the online marketplace, for which they also asked for bank card details. The most sophisticated method was call center fraud when criminals pretended to be bank clerks and promised to “safeguard” the money in the account.

According to financial institution data, three years ago, the majority of bank card fraud losses were borne by credit institutions, the loss to customers was only 8 percent in 2019, but in the first quarter of 2023 there were already 83 percent of incidents where the customer was clearly at fault, and because of this the bank did not reimbursed the damage.

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