Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: all of Europe is already queuing up for the Chinese vaccine


Europe is queuing up for the Chinese vaccine, the secretary of state for information and internationalization of Hungary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday on his Facebook page.

In his video, Tamás Menczer pointed out:

The question of whether Europe needs the Chinese vaccine is well illustrated by the fact that after it was made public on Thursday, the Hungarian government is in advanced negotiations, and within a few hours, 14 European countries have applied to the Chinese manufacturer. “By now, probably all of Europe is lining up in China, again.”

The secretary of state said the lines at the Foreign Ministry were “burning” as well, with European politicians asking “what it is” and why they don’t know about it.

According to the report of Tamás Menczer, the departure of Hungarian doctors was organized during the Christmas days. Upon arrival, they began their two-week quarantine under Chinese rules.

During the quarantine period, documents were analyzed and videoconferenced, and then the on-site investigation was started at the end of the quarantine. And on Saturday, one of them said they could see everything they wanted to see in China and were happy with the result. “They’ll make their decision, whatever it is, I’ll believe them”

– said the Secretary of State.

In Hungary, vaccination is voluntary, Tamás Menczer reminded. He encouraged everyone to register at, as he did.

“Whoever is registered will benefit from the situation,” the secretary of state said, adding, “every life counts!”.

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