PM: Fidesz, EPP ‘Parted Ways’


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, commenting on the exit of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party from the European People’s Party group, told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio that when all European prime ministers were practically “fighting a life-and-death battle” to protect their citizens from the virus, others “in a Brussels bubble” were busy making changes to regulations in order to make life difficult for certain member parties.

Fidesz and the EPP have “basically parted ways”, Orbán said. He said he had spoken with the chairman of the CDU, the Poles, Matteo Salvini and the leader of the other Italian right-wing party. Essentially, the aim is “to have a home for our type of people” who want to protect families and their home country, who want national cooperation instead of a “European empire”, he said.


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