PM Meets Fratelli d’Italia Leader in Rome


The Hungarian prime minister met Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party, to discuss the situation of the European right and the increasing threat of migration in Rome.


Viktor Orbán and Meloni agreed that one of their main aims was to restore the European right’s position as the greatest political force in Europe. Orbán and Meloni also discussed the collapse in Afghanistan and the growing migration pressure it is anticipated to trigger. Rather than accepting masses of migrants, the solution would be to provide aid locally, the two politicians agreed. European countries will have to withstand growing migration pressure from multiple directions, they warned. Katalin Novák, the minister without portfolio for family affairs and Hungary’s ruling Fidesz’s deputy head in charge of international affairs, also attended the meeting. Orbán led a Hungarian delegation which attended the 12th international conference of Catholic legislators in the Italian capital.

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