Áder: EU Values, Borders Must Be Protected


Speaking at a press conference held jointly with his Polish and Slovak counterparts, János Áder said the three Visegrad partners had assured Poland of their solidarity. They have also told Poland that it can rely on the political and technical support of the other three V4 countries, and even police reinforcements. The press conference was joined by Miloš Zeman, the Czech president, online.

Noting the crises on the Belarusian borders with Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, Áder noted the events on the Hungarian border in 2015, saying Poland and the other two V4 countries supported Hungary “when we were in trouble”. He said the EU could not afford to delay its response to these crises. Referring to the situation in Afghanistan, parts of Africa and Asia, as well as the effects of climate change, the president said the pressure of migration on Europe was mounting. All V4 countries are battling the same problems, such as a notable proportion of the adult population still “refusing to be vaccinated … despite all the warnings and arguments based on common sense,” he said.



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