An Earthquake Shook Romania on Thursday Morning


A moderate earthquake shook the southeastern part of Romania on Thursday morning, which, according to the Romanian National Geological Institute (INFP), had a magnitude of 5.3. The earthquake occurred 126 kilometers north of Bucharest, 76 kilometers east of Brasov, in the outer part of the bend of the Carpathians, in the border area of ​​the Moldavian Buzau and Vrancea counties, at 6:50 local time, at a depth of 147 kilometers, the INFP announced on its website.

According to the emergency report of the American Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake in Romania had a magnitude of 5.1 and occurred at a depth of 148 kilometers, near the settlement of Plostina in Vrancea County. The earthquake was felt everywhere in Bucharest and the southeastern part of the country, but according to the National Disaster Prevention Inspectorate, no reports of casualties or material damage were received on the 112 emergency number. INFP director Constantin Ionescu told Digi24 news television that this was the strongest earthquake in Romania in the last two years and is considered normal in the so-called Vrancea seismic area. According to the Romanian authorities, from a seismological point of view, Bucharest is considered the most endangered capital in Europe. Based on historical records, seismologists estimate that the Bucharest area is shaken by a strong earthquake at least twice every century. The most recent 7.2 earthquake in 1977 killed more than 1,400 people and injured more than 11,000.

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