Nébih Recalls Flour – It Might Contain Not Fitting Material

Gastro National

Due to the possible presence of foreign material, certain production batches of Nagyi Titka wheat flour are being withdrawn from the market, Nébih said on April 9th.


Announcer: GoodMills Magyarország Malomipari Kft. (Komárom)

Product name: Nagyi Titka wheat flour 1 kg

Brand: Nagyi Titka Nature of problem: Possible presence of foreign material

Expiration date: 17.01.2023

Production identification: 17.01.2023 K / 21/07: 09/1

Packaging: 1 kg

Manufacturer: GoodMills Magyarország Malomipari Kft. (Komárom)

The product concerned can be returned to the place of purchase, the price of the product will be refunded. The manufacturer will inform its customers about the recall on its website shortly.

Product recalls apply only to the product identified by the above information.



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