The Debrecziner Gourmet Festival wil be held between June 16 and 18


The novelty of the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival between June 16 and 18 is that this year the open-air tasting will be colored by musical productions, and on Saturday – in style – the Konyha band awaits the audience with a concert, writes Főnix Rendezvényszervező Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

“The Kitchen is always the best party. And the fridge is always on.”

– the band was founded with this exclamation 13 years ago by singer-guitarist-songwriter Mátyás Szepesi. Konyha presents a musically eclectic image, and they stole into the hearts of the audience with their lyrics that nurture a natural relationship with honest emotions. This year’s theme of the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival, “Our Summer Memories”, means for them the period of recording their album and their memorable four-year birthday concert, but they also captured the atmosphere of the summer festival season in their video clip entitled “Cukor, só” (“Sugar, Salt”).

The Konyha band

In 2016, Konyha received the title of “Band of the Year” at the Budapest final of the Hard Rock Café talent search, in 2019 Mátyás Szepesi won the “A DAL2019” lyricist and “Lyricist of the Year” Petőfi Music Prize, and in 2020 the MAHASZ Magyar They achieved first place in the radio Top40 with the song “Földrevaló”. Since its existence in 2010, the band has released 5 albums, from which almost everyone knows the song “Százszór visszajátszott”.

Their songs – just like a real kitchen – act as personal spaces that imperceptibly open their doors at the right moment so that the listener can move into them, love, cry, comfort, lose and find themselves. Lyricist-frontman Mátyás Szepesi brings wine from the chambers of the heart to the kitchen conversations, while his companions – drummer Márk Badics and bassist Dániel Haller – choose with a sure hand the most diverse ingredients for their diverse, modern pop music: rock crush, dance funk or soul-warming folk.

You can meet the Konyha band on June 17, 2023 at the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival.

More information at the events Facebook page.

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