The delta variant is also spreading among vaccinated


There is growing evidence that the delta variant is among those vaccinated and that they can be infected, the Index noted in a Reuters article.

In the UK, for example, of the 3,692 patients treated in hospital for the delta variant, 58.3 percent of the patients were not vaccinated at all, 20.9 percent were vaccinated once, and 22.8 percent were vaccinated twice against the coronavirus. In Singapore, three-quarters of patients were infected with the delta variant, but most reportedly did not experience severe symptoms.

The biggest threat to the world right now is the delta variant, microbiologist Sharon Peacock told Reuters. She added that the delta is “the strongest and fastest spreading variant” that has developed so far.

The delta mutant, according to a Chinese study, is more contagious than the other variants because people infected with the delta variant have more than a thousand times as many viruses in their noses as those who got Covid infection at the end of 2019.

Eric Topol, an expert in genomics, summed up:

Vaccines will have a hard time. People who are vaccinated must take particular care, not to pass on the virus.

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