Government Commissioner Visits Ottawa, Presents Awards to Hungarian Diaspora Members


Katalin Szili, the prime minister’s commissioner in charge of minority protection and autonomy, has visited Ottawa, Montreal and Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, to meet members of the Hungarian diaspora, and present state awards to them.

Speaking to MTI by phone, Szili said that in Ottawa she met Senator Victor Oh and MP Corey Tochor, who is of Hungarian descent, as well as US, Australian and British mission heads at a gala dinner. She thanked them for their countries’ integrating members of the Hungarian diaspora and briefed them about the Hungarian government’s programmes aimed at unifying the nation.

On November 16, she presented Hungarian state awards to Anna Szenthe, the Canadian President of the Hungarian Diaspora Council, and János Szőke, the president of the Árpád Park Hungarian Hall in Niagara Falls, in recognition of their work for the Hungarian community.

In her capacity as curator of Pécs University, Szili held talks with leaders of the Carleton University, the Saint Paul Catholic University and the University of Ottawa.


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