Liverpool fans remembered Cristiano Ronaldo’s deceased baby


Cristiano Ronaldo did not take part in the match against Liverpool on Tuesday night, where Liverpool fans have a wonderful memory of the Manchester United football player’s baby who died in childbirth.

Cristiano Ronaldo shared the tragic news two days ago on his community page: his little son died during childbirth.

Our baby boy, you are our angel. We will always love you.

Ronaldo wrote then. It is only the birth of their little girl that gives him and his partner hope and happiness in this situation.

For obvious reasons, Cristiano Ronaldo did not play on Tuesday night, where Manchester United suffered an ugly 4-0 defeat on Anfield Road, Blikk writes.

In the match, Liverpool fans remembered Ronaldo’s tragedy in a very touching way. With the 7th jersey number on Ronaldo, the whole stadium applauded in the seventh minute of the match and then sang Liverpool’s song “You’ll never walk alone. The video below also shows a fan waving Ronaldo’s No. 7 jersey.

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