There is big outrage in China that Gucci and Adidas’ half-million umbrella is not good against the rain


On the Chinese social media site, the Weibon erupted the big outrage over which an umbrella made in collaboration with Gucci and Adidas costing 11,000 yuan (on the Gucci site, by the way, it is sold for EUR 990) is permeable to water, meaning it is not good against the rain.

Yet Gucci also warns its dear customers on its website:

“Please note, this item is not waterproof and is meant for sun.”

Nonetheless, according to BBC, there are a series of posts on Weibo in which the above umbrella is called useless, and there have been those who wrote, “as long as I’m poor, they won’t be able to fool me into paying for this”.

The piece, which heralds the collaboration between Gucci and Adidas, has, of course, received nice publicity, and on June 7, when the collection is released, it will be possible to watch people line up for half a million umbrellas.



Photo: Gucci 

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