Elon Musk announced Twitter 2.0


In a circular sent out at midnight local time, Elon Musk notified Twitter employees that the Twitter 2.0 project would be launched. To this end, the workers either join (they were given until 5 p.m. to decide), or they can leave with a severance package equal to three months’ salary.

What Twitter 2.0 is is quite vague for now, Musk wrote about it in the email that it requires very intense, “extreme hardcore” work and a lot of overtime from those who get involved. He also reiterated that working from home, which was considered common at Twitter until the change of ownership, is over, and that a home office is not compatible with this type of work.

Anyway, Musk started his career at the head of Twitter with brutal downsizing, he dismissed half of the programmers and 80% of the external contract employees. Due to the scandals surrounding the company and Musk’s impulsive behavior, to put it mildly, this was followed by smaller and larger waves of resignations and firings. The collective that remained after the departure of thousands has now received an ultimatum.


The Verge

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