The man who performed dangerous stunts on top of high-rise buildings fell from a skyscraper


He knocked on the window of the top floor to get back into the building but fell before help arrived, says Index’s website.

Remi Ludici, who gained fame by posting videos of himself climbing various building giants on Instagram, fell from the 68-story Tregunter Tower and died, reports the Daily Mail.

Thirty-year-old Remi Lucidi fell 220 meters from a residential building in Hong Kong.

The man known on social media as Remi Enigma has climbed cranes, bridges, poles and transmission towers.

It is reported that he got to the top of the Hong Kong skyscraper by telling the security guard that he was visiting a friend on the fortieth floor.

The man was last seen by a female passerby knocking on a top-floor window to get back into the building but fell before help arrived.


A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon


ʀᴇᴍɪ ᴇɴɪɢᴍᴀ (@remnigma) által megosztott bejegyzés

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