24-year-old Lilly may be the world’s oldest dog


Lilly celebrated her 24th birthday in Italy with her family, the mixed puppy became the world’s oldest dog after the previous record holder, Bobi, a 31-year-old Alentejo mastiff, died last October – writes 24.hu.

According to the Daily Mail, she received a cake for her birthday with the number 112 written on it, which is Lilly’s age in human years, according to the news.

It was generally believed that a dog’s year should be multiplied by seven, but according to the paper, veterinarians have refuted this claim, claiming that they have developed a better way to calculate the age of dogs. According to this, the first year of a dog’s life is 15 years, while the second is 24 years, which was determined by looking at how dogs age and develop in the first few years. After that, four years are added to every human year they live.

This is how Lilly, found in 2000, turned out to be 112 years old.

By the way, the dog was found at a highway rest stop in southern Italy, near Reggio Calabria. According to her owner, Lilly is crazy about fish, but she also likes pasta and canned meat.

It is not known for sure that Lilly is the oldest dog in the world, the Guinness Book of Records named Spike as the world’s oldest at this time last year, before Bobi’s record was verified, the chihuahua was 23 years and 7 days old at the time, so Lilly could theoretically be older.


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