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Recyclable plastic cups, bike renting and „den-tax” – these tools help to inspire the environmental protection spirit in Campus Festival. The protection of the Great Forest is above all.

As the vice-mayor László Papp said, this festival is among the biggest ones in the country, and is organized at one of the most beautiful places. Therefore, the spirit of environmental protection of the organizers was demanded by the local government. Both the organizers and the guests of the festival have met these expectations so after the building of the new stadium is finished (according to the plans, in 2 years), the festival will probably be organized here again. Tamás Sziromi-Nagy, leader of the Zöldövezet Társulás Egyesület (Greenbelt Association) told us about the newly introduced festival cups (RE:pohár): these are recyclable plastic cups. The guests can ask their drinks in these cups for a „deposit” of 200 forints and when they have finished drinking, they just take back the cup to the place they bought it and they get their 200 forints back. Tamás said that after another festival, they collected 37,000 recyclable cups. He also said that environmental spirit has always been very important for the organizers of Campus Festival because of the Great Forest. This greenbelt association also organizes garbage collection and they ensure the opportunity for renting bikes. Péter Miklósvölgyi, the manager of the festival has also encouraged the guests of the festival to come by bike or public transportation instead of cars. The Great Forest is fresh patch of the landscape so it has to be cared of. He talked us about the so called ”den-tax”: it means 10 forints of a price of a cup of beer. In the last 2 years, the festival collected 500,000 forints of this „tax”, which they spent for afforestation and bird feeders in the Great Forest.

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