Gold becomes popular form of investment

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An increasing number of people buy so called investment gold which is of nearly 100% purity. A financial expert said that due to the global debt crisis, the price of precious metals keeps increasing so it’s still worth investing into gold and silver but, on the long run, purchasing real estate is also worthwhile.

The price of gold has increased steadily over the past year, by more than 30%. One gram of pure gold costs more than 10.000 HUF. While precious metal prices are soaring, the real estate market keeps stagnant. Experts say it’s worth buying real estate by the current low prices but the investments pay off only on the long term, in about 10 years.
In the present economic situation even financial experts can’t recommend any secure form of investment. According to János Szakos, investors’ confidence in the leading currencies (except the Swiss Franc) has been shaken because of the world-wide debt crisis. This leads to further increase in the price of precious metals.

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