Prize-winning university teachers and students

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Two students and three teachers at the University of Debrecen received the OTDT’s highest prize.

Every second year, Pro Scientia Gold Medals are given to 45-50 Hungarian young researchers whose scientific work done during their academic years is outstanding. Currently, 519 people have this prize.
Ágnes Balajthy student at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Timári István student at the Faculty of Science and Technology were awarded Pro Scientia Gold Medals. This year 45 students including Ágnes and István won the prize.
The OTDT awarded Master Teacher Gold Medal to 45 teachers, 3 of whom work at the University of Debrecen: Dr. László Muszbek (Faculty of Medicine), Dr. István Szabó (Faculty of Science and Technology) and Dr. Valéria Tóth (Faculty of Arts and Humanities).

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