Smog alert in Debrecen

Local News

The weather of these days is really nice: we have a mild, sunny Autumn with 15-17°C during the day. But there is one thing that makes it imperfect: the concentration of airborne dust has exceeded the medical limit.

The local government has issued an official statement on the effects of dust particles on human health.
These particles irritate the conjunctiva of the eye and the upper respiratory tracts. The aspiration of dust can worsen the conditions of asthmatic patients as it cuts back the defensive ability of the lungs against infections and toxic chemicals.
People with respiratory diseases, old people and small children are especially endangered so they should avoid being outdoors.
Airing of apartments should be done in the early afternoon.

Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi, MTI

According to the weather forecast, the situation will not change in the next few days that will lower the quality of the air.
So the local government is asking the citizens to choose public transportation, bikes or walking instead of cars.
In addition to this, any garden or other burning is prohibited.

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