Bocskai shooters prepare for foreign mission

Local News

The Hungarian military units, together with some Italian and Slovenian troops are member of the European Union Battle Groups. This means that they have to stand ready for a sudden foreign intervention while they are doing their service at home.

The selected ones from the 39. shooter battalion of the 5. Bocskai István Infantry Brigade are preparing for the 6-month service that is to begin in the summer of 2012. Lead by János Gacsal head of the Training Department,a battalion squad took part in a training session during which they practiced the elements of fighting in an inhabited area, for example approaching and occupying buildings, moving on corridors etc. The trainers were experienced sergeants. The most spectacular and useful part of the 3-day training came when the soldiers had to secure a building with paint-ball equipment. The trainers were watching the maneuvers from the top of other buildings and were giving instructions continuously.


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