Memories of János Arany connects Debrecen and Nagyszalonta

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A new exhibition has been opened in the Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum in Debrecen, representing the Hungarian poet’s life in the town of the Calvinist Rome. The aim of the event is to revive the two settlements’ general just like literary tourism.

In the exhibition rooms we can observe the poet’s dormitory-room in which he was living during his studies in Debrecen, his desk at which he was writing his cycle „Őszikék”, even the armchair in which he died, just like manuscripts about his Debrecen school years and his friendship with another great Hungarian poet, Sándor Petőfi – says the museologist Mariann Keczán.

According to László Török, mayor of Nagyszalonta, Arany’s hometown, the exhibition – which could be opened as a part of a cooperation-program between Hungary and Romania – has great importance for the Hungarians of the Partium. He finds that this can be the basis of further cooperation not only between the two towns, but also between the two neighbouring countries.

The exhibition can be visited until 10th February. As a continuation of the settlements’ cooperation, the interested ones can visit the “Toldi” Wax Museum in the charmed castle of the fun-fair.
(Photos by Tihamér Lukács,

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