Cigarette smuggler pays fine of 1 million on spot

Local News

The smuggler who was caught with a large amount of cigarettes near Debrecen paid the fine of nearly 1 million forints on spot because he wanted to get back his truck seized by NAV as collateral.

The Ukrainian man arrived to Hungary as the driver of a truck carrying a trailer. According to the documents, the truck wasn’t delivering any goods but the X-ray screening revealed a hole in the floor of the trailer which was likely to be filled with cigarettes. After removing the floor, the officers found 1200 packets of cigarette with Ukrainian labels on them. The driver admitted that he was the owner of the 800.000 forints’ worth of load.  The officers seized the cigarettes and the trailer, inflicted a fine of 998.000 forints on the smuggler and took the truck as collateral. To be able to get his truck back, the Ukrainian man paid the fine on the spot.

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