22 March: World Day of Water

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According to professionals, water is our most limited natural treasure. But it is not true that we would run out of it…since if it is “treated” well, it will make itself up continuously. 22 March was the World Day of Water. People could hear presentations on the responsibility of mankind.When you have a glass of water from your tap, it has been examined 150 times in the laboratories of Debrecen’s water company. As the leader of the Central Lab says, quality drinking water is one of our most important foodstuffs. No other food gets so much care and examination as the drinking water.

Scientists have been researching how long the water supplies of the Earth would last. But as the professionals say, if we only use the amount that we can substitute and if we treat it with responsibility, we will have a continuously self-refreshing supply of water. Preserving the clarity of the water is our common responsibility. Thursday’s world day of water aimed to call people’s attention that the contamination of water endangers not only mankind but all the other organisms as well.

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