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The Debrecen-London, Luton flight schedule that has been announced will be valid for 3 months. Then it will be modified.

As it is know, Wizz Air is going to start scheduled flights from Debrecen to London, Luton on 18 June. But the timetables will be valid only for three months. After that, the flights will go on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday instead of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Not only the days but also the times will be modified: while in the first 3 months, the planes will take off at 10.10 am, from 18 September on, the Tuesday flight will go at 11.30, the Thursday and Sunday flights at 6.55 pm. “The changes happen for technical reasons only. Timetables are going to be modified in the whole Wizz Air network so Debrecen will be affected, too.” – said Balázs Varró, PR manager of Wizz Air.

It’s hard to tell if the change will be favourable or unfavourable. Departure at 6.55 pm. seems a bit late because the flying time is nearly 3 hours and it takes at least half an hour to get to the city center of London from the airport. Therefore, although we can gain 1 hour because of the time change, a tourist won’t be able to get to their accommodation before 9.30-10.00 pm. On the other hand, if someone wants to stay the whole weekend in London, they can spend all of Friday with sightseeing.

Source: dehir.hu

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