Yearly compulsory dog vaccination

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On 25 March, the yearly usual dog vaccination period started. The vaccination against rabies is compulsory in Hungary.The veterinarians are waiting for the dogs and their owners to have the compulsory injection against rabies. The vaccination is about 3500-4000 HUF but for those who omit to take their dogs, the fine could be as much as 150,000 HUF.
Though the vaccination can happen any time of the year,  April is a highlighted period and most people take their dogs this time to have it.

Here are the highlighted places and times (usually weekends).

According to previous years’ experience, more people tend to get rid of their dogs in this period because they can’t or don’t want to afford the vaccination. This is one of the reasons why an organization of dog-keepers has suggested the competent State Secretary to change the regulation and the vaccination would be compulsory once in every 3 years, as it works in Western European countries.

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