A special running festival for human dignity

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The Magyar Hospice Alapítvány (Hungarian Hospice Foundation) organizes this year’s running festival on 26 April. The professional basketball players from Szolnok who are visiting Debrecen on the occasion of the EuroChallenge Final Four cup are also going to run, together with local celebrities.

The participants and the supporters of the event intend to express their sympathy for those who suffer from curable or incurable sicknesses and for human dignity in general. This year, they would like to draw the public attention to the fact that physical and emotional health and showing consideration for others must be important not only for elderly but also for young people. Many well-known Debrecen public figures and athletes are going to put on the yellow T-shirt and join the runners. The symbol of the event is the yellow daffodil which is the symbol of many organizations treating cancer patients or people dying of cancer and it’s also a symbol of life, hope, victory over death and affection.

Anyone can join the runners at any point of the route. The participants are going to meet in front of the main building of the university at 2 pm and are going to set off at 2.30 pm. A record number of participants have signed up for the event so far: elementary and high school students, parents, teachers, amateur and professional athletes, politicians, singers. At the end of the 2.5 km long route (Egyetem Square- Egyetem sugárút- Hunyadi Street- Bethlen Street- Kossuth Square) Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei is going to welcome the runners in Kossuth Square.

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