Debrecen Tribunal – hard-working and efficient in 2011

Local News

The annual judicial conference at the Debrecen Tribunal was followed by a press conference where Assistant Chairman Dr. Lajos Balla provided information about the proceedings of the meeting.

Dr. Lajos Balla gave an account of the activities of the Debrecen Tribunal in 2011, including the judgmental activity, the management and the operation of the court with special reference to the requirements of timeliness, effectiveness and efficiency.

In connection with the judgmental activities, the Assistant Chairman explained that last year, the Debrecen Tribunal worked a lot and very well: 90% of the criminal cases were closed in 3 months and, also, final decisions were made in 60% of the civil suits in 3 months. The number of cases that stayed unresolved for over a year was at the minimum.

Concerning the management and the operation Lajos Balla said that although several authorities examined these two areas, none of them found any major shortcomings. In summary, the Debrecen Tribunal was operating smoothly in 2011 and, according to the Assistant Chairman, it is guaranteed to continue doing so in the future, too.


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