Main building of university celebrates 80

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The opening ceremony of the main building of the university was held on the courtyard of the university 80 years ago, on 15 May, 1932.

The construction of the main building started in the 1920’s, following the design of Flóris Korb. The Old German classicist building was opened in 1932, however, only one-third of the original ideas were carried out due to financial difficulties. The forefront of the building is 108 meters, its depth is 88 meters and its bottom area is 6.200 m2. The basement of the five-storey building provided defence during the World War II bombings.

The opening ceremony took place on the courtyard of the building on Pentecost Sunday, 15 May, 1932. Lots of prominent figures of the time were present. The ceremony started with a sermon in the Yellow Church, following which the guests went to the main building which was full of festive decoration.

Although education started in the main building in 1932, several parts of the building remained incomplete: the Aula, for example, was unfinished and achieved its final, present-day form in 1938. The stained glass mosaics which were destroyed during World War II and were restored later were also finished that year. On the occasion of the anniversary, an exhibition opened on the 3rd floor of the university at 3 o’clock on 15 May.

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